Weather Station Information

This weather station is a 1-wire weather station. It consists of a numerous devices, mostly daisy-chained.
The components were purchased from Hobby Boards in the U.S.A. which has now closed.The data is collected by a program called Weather display. This automatically translates and uploads all the data to the internet.

This AWS is situated now in Bedford
The Stevenson screen is in the rear of the property next to a open park, mounted 3m up to get good airflow. This is not 100% ideal, but gives a good indication of local temperature conditions.
The rain gauge is located on the house roof, and has no trees or obstacles hindering readings. Though this is also not 100% ideal, it also gives accurate readings so far.

AWS location

The layout is as follows, barometer, and indoor temperature. This barometer is based on a design by Tim Bitson. It reads pressure from 948-1083 hPa. It's resolution is approximately 0.34 hPa:


Measures temperatures from -55C to +125C
0.5C accuracy from -10C to +85C
9-bit thermometer resolution and the Honeywell HIH-4000 series humidity sensor.

Mounted inside a Stevenson screen that was found in an old junk shop advertised as an "Unusual cupboard"!


This is an Inspeed Vortex anemometer, details:

Anemometer with 3 cup rotor masures wind speeds of 3 to 125+ MPH. Rugged Delrin body with bronze and Rulon bushings. Sapphire bearing to minimize wear.

Wind vane uses Hall effects. Wind direction resolution higher than one degree. Zero dead band - many potentiometer wind vanes have a dead spot of several degrees -this device has no dead band at all. Near-zero friction - since the magnet is not in contact with the Hall sensor, there is no friction from the sensor. Virtually infinite life - unlike potentiometers that wear out, the magnetic Hall sensor is non-contacting and should theoretically last forever.

Mounted on a 4m high mast atop the roof making it close to the BoM 10m standard.

It is connected to the network via an Anemometer control board. Details:

The Hobby Boards’ Anemometer board uses the Dallas DS2423 and DS2438 1-Wire chips.

Dual 32-bit counters.

Count frequency of up to 2kHz.

A/D will support input voltages up to 10VDC.

Rain Gauge

This is the Rimco 8020 Tipping Bucket Raingauge BoM spec rain gauge, with the hobby-boards 1-Wire counter installed. The Rimco 8020, designed to Australian Bureau of Meteorology requirements, is a professional grade tipping bucket rain gauge with 8” (203mm) diameter collecting funnel and 0.2mm tip. It utilises a cast metal base, spun copper collecting funnel with machined gunmetal rim and gold plated tipping bucket to provide a proven accuracy of /- 1% at rainfall intensities up to 250mm per hour and /- 3% at rates up to 500mm per hour.




1. 12th of May 2020 - Rimco rain gauge moved to the roof of the shed near the rear fence for better results - This is proving successfull

2. June 2021 - 3m anemometer mast moved for house renovations. Now only located at a 5m height untill further notice



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The owner has moved house, and its been relocated to Bedford Perth Western Australia

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